Direct Hiring

We provide you with the top talent in LATAM that can be hired through:

. Full-time permanent job
. Contract hiring
. Temporary hiring
. Part-time hiring

Staff Augmentation

Expert developers work together with your internal team to boost your projects.

Our Professionals join your existing staff, working with your technology stack until project completion.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We can act as an extension of your HR talent acquisition department providing specialized recruiters and innovative sourcing strategies to get the best candidates.


LATAM Talents

We are 5411 Hub, an international leading recruitment company that accelerates your Business Digital Transformation journey connecting your HR needs with World-Class Talent in Latin America.

Specialized Recruiters

Team made up of outstanding technology senior Hr specialists.

Pre-vetted Candidates

Technical & english language skills assessment.

Fast Hiring Process

Assessed candidates ready to jump on board right away.

ATS Intelligence Tool

Deep skills profile matched by Applicant Tracking System.

Pre-vetted talent

Hire LATAM World-Class software developers

US Time Zone aligned

Seamless integration

Ready to work

TOP Talent

World-Class Talent

5411 Hub provides a rigorous interview process allowing the hiring of senior pre-vetted engineers from LATAM, reducing the cost of local hiring & ready to work in your timezone.

Database of over

100,000+ Candidates

Recruiting Dashboard

Collaborative hiring portal

Partnerships With

Main Jobs portals in LATAM

FULL access to

TOP Engineering Talent

Arrangements with

Most prestigious IT Schools

Pre-vetted talent

Soft & Hard skills

Easy hiring

3-STEP Process - How it works

We find talent you want to hire. You tell us who you’re looking for (freelance, direct-contract, part-time, full-time) and we provide candidates mapped to your requirements.


Tell us the skills you need

Fill in the 3-step hiring form with the detailed Job Description needs.

We´ll setup a video call to clear out any doubts you may have & advise you in terms of soft & hard skills.


We find top talent for you

Get pre-vetted candidates in our in-depth Applicant Tracking System.

Take a look at the candidates, explore their strengths and decide who is a good fit for your team.


Interview, select & hire!

Select which candidates you would like to schedule a video call with.

Our specialized recruiters confirm and organize the interviews for you, saving you time and energy.

Let's build great teams

Clients we work with

Together we build Digital Transformation empowering companies by connecting them with the strongest engineering talent in LATAM.



    US Headquarters
    (+1) 786 267 9336
    66 W Flagler St. 9th Floor
    Miami, Florida (FL33130)

    LATAM Office
    (+54 911) 5099 3000
    Gorostiaga 1663
    Bs. As., Arg (C1426CTC)

    US Headquarters
    (+1) 786 267 9336
    66 W Flagler St. 9th Floor
    Miami, Florida (FL33130)

    LATAM Office
    (+54 911) 5099 3000
    Gorostiaga 1663
    Palermo, Bs. As. (C1426CTC)