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Direct Hiring of World-class Talent

5411 hub provides a rigorous interview process allowing you to hire the top vetted developers from LATAM reducing the cost of local hiring, matching your timezone and overlapping a minimum of 4 hours of your work day.

Deeper profile analysis

Our in-depth proprietary Applicant Tracking System helps you find talents and explore their strengths and skills for you to decide the best fit for your team.

Rigorous vetting

Candidates are interviewed by recruiters with solid knowledge of programming, data structures, languages, systems design, software specializations & frameworks.

150+ Tech positions skills

Hire Java, Node, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Android, React, Rails, Golang, PHP, Vue, Devops, SEO, Flutter, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Data Engineers and more.

Pre-vetted talent

We select excellent communicators, fast-learners & results-driven candidates who can proactively take ownership of business needs without micromanagement.

Direct Hiring

Hire top-tier professionals

150 +

Skills available

100 K+

Pre-Vetted Talent

5 +

Seniority Levels

100 %


Candidates can be recruited through contracts, part-time positions, or full-time permanent roles.

Direct Hiring

Build Amazing Teams, On Demand

The next step is to build an assertive checklist for the opening. It’s essential to meet with the right stakeholders to get their buy-in.

Some suggested categories or topics to discuss would include:

Working history

What’s the seniority level will you be requiring? This stage is helpful when discerning between entry-level, mid-level, and senior-level roles.

Soft skills

What soft skills does the role require?

Personality traits

What characteristics will best complement the existing team? How will you determine if the candidate will be a culture fit?


Are you open to interviewing a candidate without a college degree? Will this role require a master’s degree or other post-graduate education? Is there any formal training a candidate should have?

Technical skills

What systems or software should the person in this role be familiar with?

Talent acquisition services power up tool

Applicant Tracking System

Our specialized recruiters match the process with our proprietary ATS with an extensive pipeline of candidates in a variety of disciplines.

Let's build great teams

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Together we build Digital Transformation empowering companies by connecting them with the strongest engineering talent in LATAM.



    US Headquarters
    (+1) 786 267 9336
    66 W Flagler St. 9th Floor
    Miami, Florida (FL33130)

    LATAM Office
    (+54 911) 5099 3000
    Gorostiaga 1663
    Bs. As., Arg (C1426CTC)

    US Headquarters

    (+1) 786 267 9336
    66 W Flagler St. 9th Floor
    Miami, Florida (FL33130)

    LATAM Office
    (+54 911) 5099 3000
    Gorostiaga 1663
    Palermo, Bs. As. (C1426CTC)

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